Sleep and Behavioral Neuroscience Center


  • Our sleep lab is located at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic
  • If Driving:  Visitor parking is located on level 1 (lowest level) of the building’s parking garage (entrance on DeSoto St.). When you arrive at the parking gate, tell the guard your name and that you are here for a sleep study.  If the guard is not present, press the intercom and provide the same information.
  • Enter at the visitor entrance (facing DeSoto St.)
  • You will go through a brief safety search and sign in at the reception desk (like you’ve done for other visits).

Slideshow of Directions from Security Area to Sleep Lab

1. Go through the double doors on the first floor and make a left when you get to the end of the hallway.

2. Continue down this hallway passing by the first set of elevators. You are going to take the back elevators which are just a bit further down the hall.

3. You will soon reach the back elevators if you continue straight. You will see a set of 4 elevators. You can take any of them up to the 13th floor. When you get on the elevator, press the button for the 13th floor. 

4. When you get out of the elevator on the 13th floor, you will continue down the hallway about 10 steps until you reach the sign on the wall (circled in red above). You will turn left at this sign.

5. Go through the door and continue down the hallway.

6. The hallway turns right and you will see a door at the end of the hallway when you make the turn. Go through the door. You have reached the sleep lab.

7. ^The sleep technician will show you to your room. If the technician is not there, there is a seat to the right. A technician will be with you shortly